Summer Serpents Sleep Uneasily


7″x9″ colored pencil drawing of a rowboat on a pond with snakes.

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This drawing is a memory from my childhood. In 1969, after he had retired this field from growing cotton, my grandfather dug a pond there for us to swim in during the hot summer afternoons. This little rowboat was made of aluminum, and would get really hot during the day. Because it stayed so warm, the water moccasins liked to sleep up underneath it. Before we would could go swimming, we would have to chase the water moccasins away from the boat. One of us would hold up the boat while the rest of us would chop off as many water moccasin heads as we could. The ones we missed would swim back into the pond. Then we would run out on the end of this pier and jump into the same water where the water moccasins had fled. Amazingly, this is one of my fondest memories of my childhood with my cousins.

Although this drawing is very specific to me, I hope it will inspire you to dig deep into your own cache of memories for those experiences from your past that once inspired you, and let them inspire you again. Collect this artwork and activate your own fond memories.

This image is 7″x9″, unframed. Framed as depicted here, the overall size is 13″x15″. The price INCLUDES FRAMING, at no extra charge. I recommend this frame, but you can choose any frame you like and I will frame it to your specifications:

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