This section of my website contains a complete gallery of current work, sold work, and work of mine going back several decades (some as old as the early 1980s). Some of these are part of several long-running theses of concept pieces, which I sometimes feel I’m finished with but then their themes re-emerge in new pieces (which you can find in my “Concept Work” section). Some are figurative studies that I took beyond the study-sketch phase into a more finished state. All of what is here is to provide anyone interested in my work with examples of the full range of my skills,  abilities, interests, and some of my early explorations and artistic origins, as well as the occasional creative tangents my artistic exploration takes me into.

Pet Portraits

Human Portraits


Still Lifes


The “Hiraeth” Series

The “Aloe: Cycle Breaker” Series

The “Unreconciled” Series

The “Red Touch Black” Series