Original Fine Art by Ceilon Aspensen

Tempest in a Tulip Patch
Tempest in a Tulip Patch


A visual storyteller, Ceilon Aspensen creates original fine art as dreams and visions from and about the natural world, and her own inner world. Explore landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, through the vehicle of the artist’s imagination. 

You can see and purchase Ceilon’s original fine art at her downtown Billings studio

You can hire Ceilon to create custom artwork for you as well. She is happy to work with you to create commissioned artwork to your specifications within her style and capabilities. 

You can see and purchase reproductions of Ceilon’s art at https://pixels.com/profiles/ceilon-aspensen/shop. Buy beautiful, artful face masks, prints, note cards, and all manner of merchandise with Ceilon’s artwork on it.