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In addition to creating work from my own artistic vision, I enjoy making portraits of humans and our furry family members. These projects started as a way of working through the grieving process whenever I lost a family member, whether furry or human. They became so conducive to recovery from the loss of these irreplaceable keepers of my heart that I continued. Then I branched out and included other pets that are still with me, and those of people who wanted one of their own pets. 

I create custom portraits in watercolor, colored pencil, or acrylic paint on canvas, all on acid free archival materials for maximum quality, that are a treasure to pass down to generations. 

My specialty is bringing out the personality of your pet, and customizing environments and backgrounds in order to do so. 

After consulting with you, and deciding whether to use your photos, or photos that I take for you.

Once we reach an agreement, we’ll set a date to start your portrait and I will give you a deadline by which I will complete the work. 

These commissioned portraits are true labors of love, and I create them for each person as if the subject of the work were my own loved one, creating the best possible result for you to enjoy for years to come. 

For more information about working with me on a commissioned portrait of someone you love (of any species), send me an email or contact me at (406) 578-8822.


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