Portrait Commissions

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Ceilon takes portrait commissions for both human and pet portraits. She fell into this work by doing a portrait of each of her beloved pets as they passed as a way of working through the grieving process. It worked. Having a beautiful portrait of a loved one or beloved pet after they have passed is a wonderful way to hold them in our memory and our hearts. But you don’t have to wait until they have passed away–Ceilon does portraits of live loved ones and beloved pets, as well. To place your order for a commissioned portrait of your pet or loved one, use this form.

To place your order for a commissioned portrait of your pet or loved one, use this form.

Please fill out this form completely in order to place your order for a commissioned portrait by Ceilon Aspensen. You must answer all of the questions in order for your request to be considered. You must also pay the deposit for your order to be placed. Complete pricing information is available in the form.

Things you should know about ordering a portrait:

1) Ceilon only works from photographs when creating portraits, although she does incorporate custom backgrounds, landscapes, and other features upon request. You will have to provide Ceilon with the photographs. You may provide up to 5 photographs. There will be a space at the end of the form for you to provide instructions and preferences about which photographs you would like for her to use, or if you would like some sort of composite/montage incorporating multiple images into one portrait. IMPORTANT: The photos you upload MUST be photos you have taken yourself or by friends/family members who have given them to you with their permission for this purpose. Ceilon will NOT paint portraits from professional photographs, as that is a copyright violation.

2) You will have a choice of sizes and media for your finished portrait. Drawings are less expensive than paintings, and larger images are more expensive than smaller ones. The prices will be detailed for each selection. Ceilon does not work in multi-media for portraits (except for occasionally adding graphite to colored pencil drawings, or graphite and colored pencil to watercolor paintings, to create certain effects).

3) Your order is not complete until you have paid the deposit by clicking on the PayPal link associated with your choice of artistic medium and finished size. The deposit amount is one half the full amount of the portrait. The other half of the portrait price is due before your portrait is shipped to you. Ceilon will send you pictures of your work in progress so that you can see that the work is being done on schedule.

4) Quoted prices include FREE 2-Day shipping.

5) All artworks are executed using the highest quality archival materials. Paper works are created on high quality, acid-free paper.

6) All artworks are delivered UNframed. Framing is your responsibility and can be handled by your local frame shop.

7) Ceilon depends on the sharing of her work via social media and print advertising in order to keep her art business going. If you prefer NOT to have her share the portrait she is working on for you through social media via in-progress or demonstration videos, or in promotional materials once the portrait is finished, there will be an extra fee of $150.00 to compensate her for a lost opportunity to share work that might attract other customers.

To place your order for a commissioned portrait of your pet or loved one, use this form.